Amnesty for Eric Snowden

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Two-thirds of the American people believe that Eric Snowden, the man who blew the whistle on the NSA was a Hero.  One third of the American People think that Eric Snowden is a traitor.

At this website, we're on the side of the American people who believe that we are guaranteed by the US Constitution NOT TO BE SPIED UPON by our own government and therefore Eric Snowden is a hero for letting the world see what they SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to do every day - SPY ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. 

We're asking the President to give Eric Snowden a full pardon for the crimes he supposedly committed, crimes which are themselves unconstitutional because when anyone brings to light anything that the government does that is illegal, they must be rewarded for that NOT PUNISHED. 


Let's give the PEOPLE the right to DECIDE instead of the MORONS and CROOKS in Washington D.C.   AND I can prove they are either MORONS or CROOKS.

A.  Knowing that the Social Security System is getting closer and closer to BANKRUPTCY because there are no longer enough YOUNG PEOPLE WORKING and paying taxes to SUPPORT the RETIRED, what do they do?  FIX SOCIAL SECURITY?

NO - INSTEAD, they expand the same FLAWED MODEL BY MAKING YOUNG PEOPLE SUPPORT THE ELDERLY who are also the SICKLIEST of SOCIETY - even knowing, there aren't enough young people in this country who can afford to PAY EVEN MORE TAXES to support the ELDERLY.

They DOUBLED DOWN on a system, they themselves keep telling us is BROKEN.  So, that proves they're MORONS because this had to PASS A MAJORITY IN CONGRESS to become the LAW of the LAND - it's called Obamacare.

Now, let's prove their all CROOKS.  Every single one of them TAKES MONEY from the LOBBYISTS and then they VOTE based on the needs of the Industry their DONORS REPRESENT.

That's called BRIBERY and BRIBERY IS A CRIME in most countries but NOT in the USA.

So, I hope you can follow my proofs and will now agree.  They are all CROOKS and MORONS.  We need a BETTER SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT. 

Please support the cause and GIVE THIS WEB SITE a THUMBS UP AS YOUR VOTE to grant an AMNESTY or CLEMENCY for Eric Snowden.

This new BOOK explains how and WHY and WHEN we can get a New Government based on COMMON SENSE - the sense of the COMMON PEOPLE.

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Find out how to SAVE AMERICA NOW!

My book is a complete plan to get the United States of American back on the same path that the founding fathers intended for the world, the highest and best hope for humanity, a place where the government would be controlled by the people, the people for whom the government was created.  The founding fathers of this country couldn't give us a FULL DEMOCRACY because there was no way to do that in their day - no roads, no trains, no cars, no airplanes, no electricity or TV or not even radio.  So, they had to send folks by DONKEY CART and horse-drawn carriage to a place where they could gather together and do the people's bidding. 

But today, we can gather ALL THE PEOPLE IN ONE FORUM using all of today's modern technologies - the Internet and through the greatest social media of all time, allow everyone to know the issues, study them, debate them carefully, make suggestions, criticize, improve, and then come to a CONSENSUS on the BEST IDEAS OVERNIGHT.

And this consensus, the will of the MAJORITY OPINION on any given issue, become the LAW OF THE LAND.  We can now fulfill the dream of the founding fathers - Real Democracy In America and it can start right here, right now.


Give our issues a PLUS - place links to this website from any other place that you control like your facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest pages.  Let's let the forum of public opinion have a go at this.

If you don't help kickstart this great notion - no one else will.

We CAN and MUST have Real Democracy In America NOW

Let's use the INTERNET for what God Intended it to be.

A place BY, OF and FOR the PEOPLE!

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Why is it that Congress can read the polls that the vast majority of Americans desire ALL US TROOPS out of AFGANISTAN - NOW, not two years from now.  And yet, they don't even bother to put it up for a vote in that Congress?

Why is it that Congress can read the polls that the vast majority of Americans desire to legalize Marijuana so that we no longer imprison young people for making the same choice as having a martini or a beer and yet they don't even bother to put it up for a vote in Congress?

Why is it that Congress can read the polls that the vast majority of Americans desire to focus on creating more jobs in America not in creating more jobs overseas.  Yet they don't even bother to put it up for a vote in Congress?

Why can't we all VOTE on a higher MINIMUM WAGE?  Creating more jobs in America.  Bringing the troops home NOW, balancing the budget, simplifying the tax laws, ending Foreign Aid, ending farm subsidies for farmers to NOT grow food, making lobbying a felony, cutting the federal bureaucracy to 50% of current levels, ending or altering Obamacare? 

Why can't we all VOTE to legalize Marijuana on a National Basis so that they don't IMPRISON any more Americans for doing something as harmless as having a beer?

WHY AREN'T ALL THESE ISSUES and MORE ON THE INTERNET FOR DISCUSSION and then even later for a possible Ballot Measure to be decided by the majority of American voters? 

We have the technology to do this for FREE and within minutes to solve all of our nation's most vexing problems.

Is there any reason in your mind why this Government of the United States should NOT be amended for MORE POWER to the PEOPLE Directly
- that power TAKEN AWAY from our Representatives in Congress due to THEIR INCOMPETENCE and instransigence and greed?

There is a BETTER WAY.  Real Democracy in America means that WE THE VOTERS, VOTE for Public Policies UP OR DOWN over the Internet.  We vote for our favorite TALENT on American Idol, why not VOTE for our FAVORED LAWS and POLICIES over the INTERNET, something far MORE IMPORTANT to our country than voting for the best singers.

It can be done.  It MUST BE DONE, because the American People no longer enjoy the fruits of Liberty, Freedom and Justice for ALL.  There is Liberty, Freedom and Justice ONLY for our elected officials.  They get to KEEP THEIR JOBS even as they DO NOTHING to help their country or their constituents. 

We CAN and MUST place the nation's MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES on the NATIONAL BALLOT and allow the people to VOTE on them and allow the MAJORITY DECISION to stand for the NATION.

Look at our current FINANCIAL SITUATION as a NATION.  We are over 16 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT and GOING UP BY ABOUT 400 BILLION DOLLARS PER MONTH.  The National DEBT, what we all owe to the wealthiest segment of the world is out of control.  We can NEVER PAY IT OFF.  NEVER.

How did we get here?  With WARS that are FOUGHT for NO REASON.  We got all this debt by sending MONEY TO COUNTRIES all over the world, MOST OF WHOM HATE US.  Why would we send money to people that hate us?  There is absolutely no rationale for this, yet CONGRESS will FIND ONE every time, because IT GIVES THEM A SENSE OF POWER.  They also TAKE a commission from everything they do too.  That's how they RETIRE as MILLIONAIRES, while the rest of us are barely scraping by.


The ONLY SOLUTION is to AMEND our Basic Legal Contract, the US Constitution for the ABILITY TO PUT NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES in front of the American Electorate.  We no longer need to wait DECADES for our Representatives to vote for a SOLUTION that is not even a real solution.  They only KICK the Problem down the road and never solve anything because if they did, they would not have the POWER that they enjoy by doing NOTHING and creating only turmoil instead of solutions.

WITH NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES we could ON ONE  BALLOT solve all of the following problems plus much more.

1.  A National Ballot Measure to require a BALANCED BUDGET out of Congress every year, OR they DO NOT GET PAID.

2.  A National Ballot Measure to require THAT ALL FOREIGN AID STOP IMMEDIATELY to every foreign country until such time as the people VOTE to award money to any given favored nation or ally.

3.  A National Ballot Measure to require that ALL TROOPS from Aghanistan, Germany, Pakistan, India, Australia, Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Iraq be returned home, discharged from service and released to their families IMMEDIATELY.

4.  All funding for FOOD STAMPS, Unemployment Insurance Benefits be cut off from anyone who is determined to be able to work.  Anyone determined to be able to work and not able to find gainful employment shall be automatically employed by the Federal Conservation Corps to clean roads, give aid in disaster relief, fight forest fires, fix and repair roads, bridges etc. 

5.  The Estrablishment with a budget of the Federal Conservation Corps to employ the unemployed or homeless citizens of this nation to give some service for any benefits received by the Government.

6.  Increase Income Taxes for any families with an adjustable gross earnings of more than $250,000 Per Year to 39.6%

7.  Increase of Estate Taxes to 50% ON ALL Estates of One Million Dollars or more.

8.  The immediate Cessation of all Farm and Corporate SUBSIDIES existing in the US Tax Code.

9.  The Immediate Federal Legalization of Marijuana, leaving any further legalization, taxation or prohibition of "Pot" left to the states.

10.  Raising Federal Gasoline Tax by 5 Cents Per Gallon to create a fund that is used to support research and development of alternative vehicle propulsion systems such as All Electric, Electric Hybrid or Natural Gas engines.

11.  The Abolition of all regulations that pertain to Power Companies and replace with the following regulation.  "All escaping gases, liquids, solid waste from any power-producing plant must be equal to or better than the air, water, etc. that went into them and which can be considered to be 'Clean and Pure' or be subject to a fine of One Million Dollars Per Day for non-compliance.

12.   All vehicle manufacturing companies doing business within the United States are required to produce 10% of total vehicle production to any propulsion method that requires no gasoline. 

13.  An Immediate cessation of any new Federal Programs of any kind or money allocations until the National Debt is Completely paid off, (National Emergences, like war or national security exempted.)

14.  Congressional Salaries  A.  No member of Congress shall receive any payments from any outside sources of any kind or any amount of money.  If they cannot live on the current federal pay rate, they must resign.  B.  No member of Congress shall take a job upon retirement from the US Congress in any company that paid any amount of money into their campagin funds.   C.  No member of Congress shall receive any Retirement benefits other than the current Social Security rules and regulations allow.  D.  Abolition of the right of Congress to vote on their own salary or benefits packages.  All future Congressional Salary and Benefit increases or decreases shall be made on National Ballot Measures only.  E.  No member of Congress shall have a staff larger than 10 persons and their salaries and benefits shall also be required to pass on National Ballot Measures only.  F.  Any member of Congress found by a competent Judge or Jury to be guilty of violation of any of the above rules, shall be removed from office immediately and all retirement benefits are revoked.

15.  I BET YOU could think of MANY MORE National Ballot Measures.  That's the POINT.  When our elected Representatives prove that they cannot or will not do their jobs to solve this nation's major problems - We have to do it for them.

Here's another Reason WHY

The recent slaughter of 20 children in a school in Newtown Connecticut is an excellent example of why our government fails us on a daily basis.  We cannot get adequate protection from psychopathic mass murderers like the one who shot and killed at point blank range, 20 beautiful and innocent children who were in this person's guns sights that day. 

We cannot get adequate gun control laws because every member of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans accept bribes from the NRA, the National Rifle Association who is not concerned about our rights to bear arms as they say, but they are protecting the PROFITS of the GUN MANUFACTURERS.  So, gun and rifle manufacturers control this portion of our laws.

This is true of almost every area of our society.  If you recommend to the President that we should have subsidies for Electric Car Manufacturers so that we can get to a more sustainable and ecologically sustainable mode of transportation, as I have done on several occassions, he will take your phone calls and emails.  However, he cannot make this the law of the land, because Congress is in control of that.  But, the oil companies and gas-powered car manufacturers bribe every member of Congress, again, both Democrats and Republicans accept these bribes.  Just because they classify these pay-offs as "Campaign Contributions" doesn't also classify them as bribes.

If we the American People AMEND our CONSTITUTION ONE MORE TIME to allow for National Ballot Measures, then WE THE PEOPLE COULD DECIDE these issues and get around the bribery problem in Congress.  They cannot bribe every American citizen. 

Once it is a part of our Constitution as it should be, giving us a REAL DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, we could put real solutions on the BALLOT and allow the people to decide them directly.

I give this one example using the dire need for GUN CONTROL as just one more example.  I have hundreds more in my book, America 2.0 Inc.

"A national requirement that anyone applying to own a gun or a rifle must pass a battery of exhaustive psychogical tests.  Not passing this series of tests aimed at identifying anti-social behavior and attitudes, hereby precludes that individual from owning a gun."

Now, this one Amendment to the Constitution that I call the National Ballot Measure Amendment or the "NBMA", would allow us to put this kind of proposed law on the ballot and then the voters would decide whenever they held other federal electionis, which means every 2 years for Senators and Congress people and every four years for President. 

This proposed law that I would hope would be one of the FIRST PROPOSALS on the NATIONAL BALLOT to prevent psychopaths from owning guns would not solve the problem completely, but it would be a step in the right direction.  The shooting at Newtown Connecticut might not have been prevented by this law because the shooter stole the guns from his mother's home and then shot and killed her first.  Then, he drove to the school to kill others.  Therefore, more than this Psychopath Gun Control Ballot Measure would have been required.  Perhaps we would add to this law another law that forces anyone who owns a gun to have everyone in their family tested for psychopathic tendencies and then, whenever a family member is so identified to require the gun owner to keep their guns under lock and key at all times.

As we can see, most major problems in this world are not so easily solved with one proposed solution, but many of them can be solved by giving the people the right to come up with practical solutions and one by one, we tackle them and eventually, they become less and less of a problem.  Giving the power to Congress as the ONLY provider of solutions guarantees us that problems will NEVER be solved. 

Let me give you one example to demonstrate this.  When Obama came up with Obama Care as the best solution to this nation's health care crisis, which is mainly RAPIDLY RISING COSTS that are OUT OF CONTROL, he gave us a solution that cost us almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.  Does spending nearly a trillion dollars prevent the runaway costs?  NO, and in fact, it MADE RUNAWAY SPENDING in Government much worse.  Hospitals want to charge us MILLIONS of DOLLARS TODAY for some operations.   Think about this.  The reason that the medical profession can charge these exorbitant fees is because there are only a handful of hospitals and medical treatment centers in every community.

All they should have done is pass a law that made it easier for people to form a hospital or clinic and protect these smaller clinics from lawsuits for malpractice.  This would have made TEN TIMES MORE COMPETITION in the medical field.  Combine this proposal with another one allowing any foreign doctors to enter this country with little time and trouble in processing their visas and this would have added thousands more doctors. 

The competition to the Hospital and Medical community in this country would have lowered fees and that would have a much greater bearing on  SOLUTION than merely creating another government bureaucracy and one that took money from Medicare too.

I sent this solution to Pres. Obama before he came up with ObamaCare and it was politely ignored. 


I supported Pres. Obama in both elections because the alternatives are ten times worse, but I have to wonder if he was also protecting the BIG BUSINESS INTERESTS of the Health Care Industry in proposing and then forcing on us - ObamaCare, because there is still NO METHOD of COMPETITION in this country and so prices will always remain high.  The Taxpayers will still have to pay up for their medical care, whereas, it could have been solved with a simple BALLOT MEASURE as I have shown.

This one proposal would have saved the American taxpayer almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and it would have solved the problem without raising our taxes as the US Supreme Court has said ObamaCare does.

GET THE BOOK that describes hundreds more potential solutions and outlines the way that we can have NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES.  Tell everyone you know.  Buy the book for your friends and neighbors.  We must have REAL DEMOCRACY in AMERICA soon, or this nation is doomed and will always be enslaved by big business. 


  Copyright 2014 Michael Mathiesen